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Phenomenal reading, I have been crying happy tears since I connected with Mel. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH BEAUTIFUL SOUL!❤❤

​-Maria R

Unbelievable, I am in the medical field, I am getting some back pay due to a raise. I did have some car problems....lets hope everything else is so true...thank you so much, you are blessed, keep doing what you have been doing.   


I love your readings!! 💖✨When you talked about the sacral chakra it really resonated with me! I’ve been having SO many digestive issues and cannot eat many of the foods that I used to without feeling pain or major discomfort constantly…it’s become almost unbearable at times …now it totally makes sense. Thank you! This entire reading was amazing!                                          -Candace W

Capricorn ♑️ ☀️ and 🌙 here…. Wow 🤩 this reading resonated 1000%. It has been a very long and difficult journey to finding happiness and stability. I crave it very much and I have done much soul searching and self reflection. My spiritual journey has also grown exponentially. I am very excited to let go of toxic behaviors and relationships and come out on the other side. I am worthy of happiness and peace and I want better for my son. Thanks so much for your readings and for being a beautiful soul coach! God bless and love and light to all! ✨💫⭐️💙

Holy Sheez - my husband passed due to suicide earlier this year. My dad passed when I was 1yr and never knew him. Thank you for the lovely message! :-( This session is way tooo close to my heart! You are Truly AMAZING and doing FABULOUS work w/spirits and the individuals who need your help! Thank you so much!!!!
-Sharon S

Thank you for sharing!! 

"Like Melissa, I'm an Intuitive Reiki Healer and have been doing energy work for years. I've worked on many people with her and it's from this experience and seeing her work first hand I know Mel is the real deal. I was always excited and anticipated what she would say during our healing sessions. She trusts her beautiful abilities so much so that her priceless words effortlessly paint pictures you can learn and grow from. She is just a joy to be around and I love it when she works on me! I recommend Mel to anyone. If you're wondering if you should work with her... I recommend you do it and find out for yourself. That's the only way to do it! :) Gratitude and Light.
​ - Stu the Reiki Guy

"I went to an expo with a friend of mine. I have always believed in readings and other things out there that I can't see. I sat down just to see what Melissa could show me, I was amazed at her accuracy. When I left the reading I had a new sense of what I wanted out of life. Thank you so much for finally showing me my soul's path."

-Cassandra, New Richmond WI

"I had a great reading with Melissa! She read all shades of me, light to dark, like a children's book. Easy flow with vivid pictures painted out before me. I felt very comfortable and at home during the reading. I believe Melissa has a true gift. Her passion for her work shines through! I will be back.

-Gage, Eau Claire WI

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