Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Card Reading

"Melissa, what is the difference between your Intuitive Soul Coaching sessions & Intuitive Tarot/Oracle card readings and is one better than the other?"

​When I do an Intuitive Soul Coaching session I do not not use additional "tools" such as cards, pendulums, crystals, singing bowls, tuning forks, etc. (I may use those items while doing an energy healing) but typically during a soul coaching session I use my intuition and read your energy by channeling messages directly from spirit. The reading may be more based on connecting with a loved one, your divine helpers, overall health, or a situation in your current energy that you may need clarity or direction on.

When doing an Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Card Reading, I use cards to help paint a visual picture of what has happened in your past, present, and a possible future outcome. The cards can give advanced clarity on a specific situation along with additional layers for a powerful new perspective on a challenge that you may have not seen prior. The cards can open up new possibilities and angles to a more in depth situation.

Both sessions are accurate, informative, and will bring you closer to what it is that you are seeking. It is a personal preference, and I certainly can mix cards in to a soul coaching session to gain more clarity if need be and vice versa! For those that are not comfortable with tarot, I suggest an intuitive coaching session.

Contrary to beliefs, tarot is a perfectly safe and effective form of divination. If you do not feel comfortable with this method, I suggest you choose an Intuitive Soul Coaching Session. I respect ALL beliefs and strive for my clients to feel safe, comfortable, and have a memorable experience that will last for days to come!

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