Tune into your spiritual side Today

 -Love Mel

Hello Beautiful Souls!

My name is Melissa but most people call me Mel.  I'm a mama of two teens, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a YouTuber, a healer, a soul coach, a nature enthusiast, a beach lover, an intuitive, and a foodie!

I have been on the spiritual path for over 15 years as an intuitive healer and soul coach but have been able to "tune in" to energies all my life. I am a certified life purpose/life coach, certified Reiki Master, intuitive clairvoyant, and energy reader. Helping others transform their lives from the inside out is a passion of mine!

From being a stay at home mom to climbing the corporate ladder in 7 short years shifted my mindset entirely. Working as an Executive Assistant has taught me many stepping stones but ultimately brought me back to my roots, as a healer. 

I enjoy traveling, fishing, camping, archery, reading, kayaking, boating, and have mad love for the great outdoors! My family, friends, and sunshine are my world!!

We all have a special gift we brought into this lifetime. Mine is being able to intuitively read energy & to help others remember their soul journey!

My goal is to channel energy while receiving messages of clarity, healing, and love so you can walk away from a session feeling empowered, renewed, hopeful and confident moving forward on your journey in this temporary home we call "earth".

About Melissa